Ever wonder how you truly come across to others? Want to know how to turn a situation around, create faster connections, all the while still being you? Want to end that awkward out of place feeling when you enter a room?

You can.

And what if at the same time you could establish deeper relationships, close deals faster, know what your audience truly needs from you, and show up in a way that is both powerful and on point for you and to them.

You can.

Meet NERI® (Neuro Emotional Relationship Intelligence.)

NERI® doesn’t just help you understand you on a biological and psychological level. It allows you to understand your audience, their deepest needs and desires without them ever saying a word.

NERI® allows you to create smart relationships, by cutting through the noise of the societal BS and get down to the fundamental human needs, expectations and desires of you and your audience.



Learn how you truly come across in this world and how to strategically use all of who you are to your influential advantage. Be able to maximize the impressions you make by fully understanding those aspects of your personality that were once a mystery and what that all means to the personal and professional relationships you hold.



Understand the true needs and wants of a stranger before you ever officially met. Know how to approach a new client, investor, or influencer in a way that was serving to them and be empowering for you. Understand the unspoken expectations of your audience allowing you to meet their needs before they even realized they had it.



No matter if you are an entrepreneur, work for an organization, or are simply your own brand- creating connections, referrals, and your reputation matters. Learn how to expedite the relationships, influence, and offers needed to grow your brand and build your legacy in a mutually beneficial manner.