NERI® Academy

497.00 every month for 1 year

Take your NERI® knowledge from head to heart and into the real world.

Understanding who you are and what you are about is great. Understanding others as well as how you can powerfully build strong genuine relationships that equally benefit each party makes you the most desirable person to be in a relationship with both personally as well as professionally.

This is what NERI® Academy is all about.

Helping you choose how to live life in a more powerful, authentic, and fulfilling manner for you as well as all of your relationships.

In an online, fast paced community setting, the NERI® Academy is designed to be your personal secret weapon always with you helping you choose to step up into the better, greater, more authentic version of you.

  • New solution focused content weekly

  • Deep dive trainings into exploring the depths of who you are and the motivators of all that you are in relationship with

  • Library of “How to” videos

  • Monthly  Q and A with NERI® creator Ali Craig

  • Monthly LIVE “Hot Seat” Trainings

  • Quarterly virtual retreats

  • Instant access to fresh, real world focused  trainings every month for your personal and professional lives