NERI® Life Small Group

697.00 every month for 6 months

The number 1 thing you can control in life is yourself. How you react, interact, and evolve as an individual as well as an entrepreneur or professional is totally within your control.

But none of us want to choose to “behave” for the sake of social protocol. We want to make choices that are based off of what is right for us and the desires, goals, and accomplishments that we have. For that to happen you have to understand who you are in a completely unique, stripped down, unedited, and social story virgin.

Now you may be thinking, well I’m screwed. There is no way, I can know myself any better. I don’t have time to visit my deep dark self and understand how social stories have influenced me for decades. And you’d be wrong.

Yes, you are right about the facts, but wrong on the outcome.

Yes, you can know what truly motivates you, drives you, and pulls at the desires of your heart. Yes, you don’t have to go dark to go deep with understanding what makes you tick.

Yes, you can undo the social stories that tie you down and make you “behave” all the while learning to choose you and your wants.

Meet NERI® Life.

In this intimate 90 day intensive group, you get to know you on a level you never thought possible. You get to choose the reactions, results, and your reality in an authentic and empowering manner for you without the social story B.S.

  • What truly drives you in an holistic manner

  • How you see relationships

  • Discover the sabotaging patterns that are plaguing and sinking your personal as well as professional relationships

  • Learn how to always show up authentic and in alignment with your desired outcome

  • Understand how others perceive you and how to work that to the relationships’ advantage

  • Know the triggers that set you off

  • As well as how to always set yourself up for the ultimate success.